No matter your choice of tea, from a fruity rooibos to a strong earl grey, we have some tips to make your next cup even better.

1. Too cold, too hot, just right

Make sure your water is the right temperature for your tea. For example, black teas need a bit more heat than your typical green tea. Lindsey Goodwin from The Spruce Eats has this detailed guide for matching your tea to the perfect temperatures.

2. Choose how strong you want your tea

Using an infuser or a tea bag, choose how strong you want your tea. It’s up to you whether you want to steep it for longer or shorter. If you find yourself needing a mess-free helper, check out our mesh infuser with a handy hook to pull it out when your tea is the perfect strength.

3. Mix it up

Sometimes, you may wanna switch it up from your go-to vanilla chai or chamomile. You can create your own tea blend. Our top suggestions are:
Vintage Fork Blend + Rose Petals
Vanilla Chai + Cranberry Apple
Black Currant + Irish Breakfast

4. Keep an eye on the clock

Different teas need different amounts of time to steep. Herbals usually need the most time, black teas are somewhere in the middle, and green tea tends to have shorter steeping times. Pull out your phone timer, keep an eye on your watch, or get one of these adorable tea timers from our shop!

5. Adjust your add-ins

An extra something can completely change the flavour of your tea. For sweeteners it could be sugar, stevia, honey, or maple syrup. For creamers you can try a splash of dairy milk, cream, soy milk, or almond milk. However, be aware that with more acidic teas, such as cranberry apple, milk can curdle.

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