Have you ever wondered if loose leaf tea is really that much better than tea bags from the grocery store aisles? If you’re like me, you have. And it turns out that yes, it is!

Here’s our 3 top reasons why loose leaf is better than tea bags.

1. You have lots of flavour options

Loose leaf tea comes in may more flavours and blends than the conventional tea bags. Whether you want to mix different blends for a new concoction or moderate how strong your tea is, loose leaf tea puts the choice in your hands.

We are always adding new flavours to our shop, and sometimes our customers even choose them! You can see all our tea flavours here.

2. Loose leaf has better health benefits

Our loose leaf tea is premium quality. All the original plants are grown at higher altitudes in their native countries, producing a higher amount of antioxidants in the final loose leaf tea product.

Apart from little to no antioxidants, tea bags may actually have toxins in them. Nicole Feretich from Spoon University explains how some tea bag companies use pesticides in the mass production of their product, and the bags themselves could release harmful chemicals when put in boiling water. It is also very common to find artificial ingredients and added sugar in tea bags.

3. The aroma

One of the best parts of loose leaf tea is opening the sealed bag and getting the rush of intense aroma of your loose leaf tea. Letsdrinktea.com argues that leftovers from broken leaves are what most tea bags are made of. Stripped of most essential oils and aroma, tea bags lag behind loose leaf tea in taste, scent and nutrients.

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