I was having tea (she was having coffee) with a friend of mine one morning. We talked about tea vs. coffee, she just isn’t into tea, and loves coffee. Even though she has tried a lot of the teas from Vintage Fork, she’s just a coffee lover through and through. 

We went into the back room together where the tea inventory is, to show her some new tea flavours.

I pulled out the brand new bag of cream of earl grey, I told her how excited people are for this flavour. 

I opened it up right there, she got to take the very first smell of the freshly cracked bag. Her eyes lit up and she said, “WOW, that smells incredible, I wasn’t expecting that. I need to try this one”

At this point I’m excited, Am I finally going to get my coffee loving friend onto tea? Is this finally the tea to end the tea vs. coffee conversation?

About 5 minutes later, a cup of cream of earl grey is steeped, and my non tea drinking friend is sipping a cup of black, no additives, cream of earl grey tea and loving it!

She best describes the first smell as surprisingly sweet and creamy, light earl grey. The taste was smooth and creamy with very light bergamot flavour and hints of floral.

And now I have a friend that’s ditched the coffee for the day and moved into the world of tea with me.


  1. Tyler November 4, 2020

    Love & miss your vintage restaurant. Your teas are amazing! Do you carry any bagged teas?! So many of us in the go, but love tea… would like to order bagged teas.

    1. Salar Melli November 4, 2020

      Great idea! I’ll keep you posted on when we can get some of our tea bagged for on the go tea drinkers.


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