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Tea Time Lunch Hour

The lunch & learn concept in Edmonton seems to have lost some steam, so we redesigned it around tea! Human beings have been reconnecting over a cup of tea for centuries, and now we’re bringing it to your office. Our tea time lunch hour features our tea bar of 5 different kinds of a tea, and presentation that will leave your team vying to try them all.

lunch and learn Edmonton

lunch and learn Edmonton

Get your staff excited to come into the office.

It’s been hard to get excited to go back to the office.
75% of managers want their teams back in the office working together, and only 17% of employees want to return to the office.

Our tea time lunch hour is the perfect program to get everyone looking forward to coming into the office.

Our lunch & learn tea program.

Book us for our lunch hour tea time, where Sarah Melli will give your team an engaging and fun presentation on tea, and then serve tea to the team for them to connect with each other over the second half of the hour.

You’ll then have the option to start your own in office tea program with Vintage Fork to have premium quality tea in your office for your staff and clients.

Lunch and learn Edmonton

Wouldn’t a presentation about
tea be boring?

The last thing you want to do is set up an event for your staff with a boring speaker, leaving your staff even less interested in coming in than before.

Sarah is one of the owners of Vintage Fork and is a sought-after speaker who loves sharing her expertise,
and educating people about tea. Her talks offer a fascinating glimpse into the world of tea
and the many ways that tea can be enjoyed.

Check out the video to get a glimpse.

Get started with your lunch hour tea time with us by filling out the form below, or email info@vintagefork.ca

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