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Dark roast artisan coffee. 340g
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Medium roast coffee from the Mantiquiera region of Brazil. Mantiqueira means “where the mountains cry.” This micro-region is located on the slopes of the Mantiqueira Mountains on the Minas Gerais side. More than 7,000 coffee growers collectively produce up to 1 million bags annually from this region. 

Mantiqueira gained its PGI certificate for having a differentiated sensory profile known for floral and citrus notes, a dense and creamy body, medium-bright acidity and a long, sweet finish.

Origin: Mantiqueira Region, Brazil
Process: Full Natural and dried in the sun
Variety: Mundo Novo
Grower: Growers from the Mantiqueira Region
Altitude: 1150 mass
Adventure Level: 3/6
Size: 340g

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Discover Brazil with Anecdote’s Square 1 Coffee

Embark on a flavor journey with Square 1 Coffee from Anecdote, an Edmonton coffee roaster. This special coffee comes straight from Mantiqueira de Minas, Brazil. The region is renowned for its exceptional coffee. It embodies the rich heritage of Brazilian coffee culture.

The Origin: Mantiqueira de Minas

The name “Mantiqueira” translates to “where the mountains cry.” It reflects the area’s stunning natural beauty. The region is a haven for over 7,000 coffee growers. They cultivate coffee on the slopes of the Mantiqueira Mountains. This area produces up to 1 million bags of coffee each year.

A Legacy Woven with Tradition

Coffee cultivation in Mantiqueira de Minas is a family tradition. Generations of families have dedicated themselves to coffee. Their efforts were recognized when the region was awarded a PGI certificate in 2011. The certificate highlights the coffee’s unique flavors. Expect notes of floral and citrus, a creamy body, and a sweet finish.

From Farm to Cup

Anecdote sources its coffee responsibly from local growers. The beans grow at an altitude of 1150 meters. This elevation is ideal for coffee. The beans are processed naturally and dried in the sun. This method enhances their natural flavors.

An Experience for Everyone

Square 1 Coffee suits all coffee lovers. It has an adventure level of 3/6. It’s a balanced and approachable coffee. Enjoy it in the quiet of morning or as an afternoon pick-me-up. Let it bring a piece of Brazil into your Edmonton home.

A Taste of Brazilian Tradition

With every sip, discover the depths of Brazilian coffee traditions. Anecdote’s Square 1 Coffee is more than a drink. It’s an invitation to explore the heart of Brazil’s coffee lands. Experience the dedication of Mantiqueira’s coffee growers.

Perfect for All Occasions

Square 1 Coffee is versatile. It’s perfect for your morning routine when you’re not quite ready for tea. Its medium-bright acidity and sweet notes make each cup delightful. Share it with friends or savor it alone. It’s sure to become a favorite.

Why Choose Anecdote’s Square 1 Coffee

Choosing Square 1 Coffee means choosing quality. It means supporting traditional coffee farming methods. It means embracing the adventure of trying new flavors. Anecdote commits to delivering the best of Brazil to your cup.

A Journey in Every Cup

Let Square 1 Coffee start your day or energize your afternoons. It brings the essence of Brazil’s mountains to your table. Each bean tells a story of tradition, nature, and passion.

Embrace the Brazilian Coffee Adventure

Square 1 Coffee is more than just coffee. Not only is it roasted at Anecdote – an Edmonton coffee roaster, it’s an experience. It’s a journey through Brazil’s coffee heritage. It connects you to the land and the people of Mantiqueira. Taste it and start your own coffee adventure.

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