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Build your own tea gift box. Choose three types of tea, gourmet cookies, and artisan chocolate.

This gift box is the perfect way to send your appreciation. The recipient will love the taste of luxury from this tea gift box.

“A nice way to make a personalized gift!”

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Indulge in the ultimate tea experience with our Tea Gift Box, designed to delight and enchant tea enthusiasts around the world. These thoughtfully curated gift boxes are a testament to the art of gifting, blending flavors, and creating memorable moments. Packed with three exquisite tea flavors, gourmet cookies, and artisan chocolate, they’re the perfect gift.

Tea Bliss Awaits

Our Tea Gift Box are an embodiment of tea bliss. Each box features your choice of  three types of tea flavors, ensuring a delightful journey through the world of tea. From soothing herbal infusions to bold black teas, these flavors are a tribute to diversity and quality. Whether you’re a seasoned tea connoisseur or new to the tea scene, our gift boxes have something for everyone.

Gourmet Cookies for the Perfect Pairing

What’s tea without a delectable sidekick? Our Tea Gift Boxes take your tea experience to the next level with gourmet cookies. These cookies are a harmonious match, offering a delightful interplay of textures and tastes that elevate your tea enjoyment. Whether you prefer something buttery and crumbly or delicately spiced, our gift boxes have your cookie cravings covered.

Artisan Chocolate, the Sweet Finale

To complete this trio of delights, we’ve included artisan chocolate from Soul House Sweets that adds a sweet finale to your tea journey. Each box boasts a carefully chosen chocolate creation that pairs exquisitely with your tea choices. Whether you savor dark, velvety chocolate or crave the creaminess of milk chocolate, our gift boxes ensure that your tea experience ends on a sweet and satisfying note.

The Perfect Gift

Our Tea Gift Boxes are perfect for every occasion – whether it’s a birthday celebration, a heartfelt thank-you gesture, or simply a token of appreciation. These gift boxes are designed to make gifting a breeze. Thoughtful, tasteful, and elegantly presented, they convey your sentiments with style and grace. In a world of mass-produced gifts, our Tea Gift Boxes stand out as a genuine expression of care and consideration.

A Taste of Luxury

In conclusion, one of our Tea Gift Boxes are a taste of luxury, designed to bring joy and sophistication to your tea rituals or to delight someone special in your life. Explore the world of flavors, savor gourmet cookies, and indulge in artisan chocolate – all in one beautifully packaged box. Order now and experience the art of gifting with our Tea Gift Boxes, where every sip and bite is a moment of pure bliss.

1 review for Tea Gift Box

  1. Shannon Music

    Nice way to make a personalized gift!

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