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Tea – a love story

The kettle whistles, and it’s time. The hot water is poured over the leaves inside the infuser and the colours and aromas start to disperse immediately. The brown, red, and golden streams from the leaves infiltrate the water. Little rivers of colour quickly transform the water in the cup from clear to a gorgeous, sparkling golden brown layered with red.

The steam fills the air around the cup with the invigorating scent of tea. The smell of rich malt, jasmine, and oak dance within your nose. Notes of roses and peaches peak through as the tea continues to steep.

The tea leaves are patiently given the full 5 minutes they need to fully unfurl and release the flavours you long for. Add a splash of milk and watch the white and golden brown dance together as they form a beautiful caramel coloured cup of tea, made to perfection.

The tea hits your mouth with a little jolt of heat, perking your senses to life. The flavours burst on your tongue and your brain is filled with familiarity and comfort. This moment of tranquility grounds you to your senses. It prepares you for the day by filling your body with love, hope, and peace.

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