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Is it coffee? Is it tea? It’s both! A blend of pu-erh black tea with whole unroasted coffee beans and ground coffee together steeps just like any other tea, and tastes like a delightful smooth combination of both. 

This tea can be the perfect drink in the morning, and a nice dessert tea for after dinner.

Ingredients: Black Tea, Cocoa Beans, Green Coffee Beans, Camomile, Ground Coffee, Natural Flavours

Tea From: China | India | Colombia | Egypt

Caffeine: medium

“I was really sceptical about a coffee/tea mixture, well I’ll tell you I will NEVER go back to coffee. I love this in the morning now. I feel so much better it doesn’t leave a film in my mouth like coffee did. I drink it with Raw honey and NO cream or milk. Yummie I’m really happy I tried this blend. Comes right to my door a couple days after I order it too. The customer service is bar none THE BEST. LOVE VINTAGE FORK!”

“Oh my gosh , I love this tea! It has replaced my morning coffee.
It is smooth and the flavour is just irresistible!!”

“I love this blend. it gives me the wake up of coffee but without the jittery, hot flashy feeling . it’s easy on stomach also. I’ve been starting to drink this in the mornings instead of coffee and feel so much better for it!”

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