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Free local delivery - no minimum purchase. Discounted flat rate shipping & free Canada & US shipping on orders over $75


Vintage Fork was first started as a boutique restaurant inside the Rutherford House Museum. Chef Salar Melli fulfilled his lifelong dream of opening his own fine dining restaurant. The restaurant was well known for high tea, and set menu brunch. Covid 19 changed everything almost overnight in March of 2020 when Rutherford House closed, and Vintage Fork had to follow suit.

Then the next part happened by accident.

Customers started to reach out, asking if they could buy their favourite teas that they used to drink at the restaurant. 

That’s when we turned our website into an online tea shop! From there the journey unfolded and we are now a complete online retailer of loose leaf tea with over 80 flavours of tea. 

In the fall of 2022, we opened our online shop into a real life store inside of a different Historic house – The Barto Residence.

You can now shop in store or online for all your favourite teas. We also have an extensive drink menu of hot drinks to go, and additional goodies that go with tea in our shop at 11425 95A Street, Edmonton AB.

Shop Hours:
Tuesday – Friday 9:00 – 4:00
Saturday 10:00 – 5:00


We are all about creating experiences for you, both on our website and in your daily life.

Online Experiences:

Offline Experiences:

  • Free same day delivery
  • Premium quality loose leaf tea – tea plants grown at high altitudes in their native countries.
  • Quality customer service when you need it. We answer our phone, and we reply to emails within 24 hours. Get in touch now.
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Is a cup of tea just leaves, steeped in hot water? We think it’s a lot more than that.

It’s smelling the rush of aroma when you open the tin or bag.
It’s watching the water colour change as the tea steeps, and the anticipation rising to get the first sip.
It’s getting the scent as you bring the cup up to your nose.
It’s the warmth you feel as you drink.

Those are the just physical things a cup of tea is. But what else is a cup of tea?

  • It’s comfort
  • It’s indulgence
  • It’s routine
  • It’s taking a break from stress and obligations
  • It’s taking the edge off
  • It’s visiting a friend
  • It’s having a conversation
  • It’s “me” time
  • It’s good vibes
  • It’s relaxation
  • It’s love
  • It’s happiness


We really love what we do. It’s a pleasure to be able to deliver a package that can spark at happy dance at the front door.

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