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The perfect tea for slowing down and refreshing your mind & body.
Mandarin & spice notes with a cool & refreshing aftertaste.

Ginger | Dandelion Leaves | Burdock Root | Rose Petals | Elderflowers | Licorice | Holy Basil | Safflower Petals

Tea From: Egypt | India | Bulgaria | China

caffeine free

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When you choose a good detox and cleanse tea, you want it to be full of premium herbs and vitamins. Modern life in many ways can be toxic. Add up traffic, work, alcohol, binge watching, smart phones, social media, pollution, and processed food, and you probably feel stressed just from reading this sentence!

Taking time to slow down, and give your body and mind something good is a necessity for all of us. And this is the perfect tea for it.

Here’s some of the star ingredients in our detox and cleanse tea:

Dandelion leaves are an excellent choice for a detoxing, or cleansing tea. Dandelion is largely known for helping keep your liver in tip top shape, aiding in detoxing your body.

Holy Basil is a very impressive little plant. It has vitamin A, C, & K, Calcium, Zinc, and Iron. It has shown to reduce depression & anxiety, improve metabolism and memory, and improve sleep. Yes please to all of that!

Ginger, always good to soothe an upset tummy, and can also help reduce inflammation.

Burdock root, in partnership with ginger are an antioxidant powerhouse.

Take a sip, let your mind relax while all these ingredients get to work giving your body a boost.


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2 reviews for Cleanse & Refresh

  1. Beauty1 (verified owner)

    I love the Cleanse and Refresh tea as it’s very refreshing and caffeine free

  2. Doris Quinn

    First time trying it with a free sample. Bless you Vintage Fork, for those free samples. This tea is so delicious, and a little bit naturally sweet. The licorice is subtle. A other home run. I used to buy teas from another Alberta source. Vintage Fork is going to be my only source.

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