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 Turmeric, Ginger, Beal Nut, Red & Blue Cornflower Petals

Tea From: Kenya | Thailand | India | Albania

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Herbal ginger turmeric tea is great choice when you’re looking for a health and wellness tea. Like any good relationship, ginger coupled with turmeric brings all the heat, spice and nourishment you can ask for.

Ginger is said to be one of the healthiest spices, and has a long history of being used for medicinal purposes. It aids digestion, reduces nausea, as well as helps fight the flu and common cold.

Ginger is additionally very good at reducing inflammation. Many people suffering from arthritis choose ginger teas to help manage pain.

Ginger is also well known for these health benefits:

  1. Reducing nausea
  2. Helping with weight loss
  3. Reducing osteoarthritis symptoms
  4. Lowering blood sugars
  5. Aiding in digestion
  6. Lowering cholesterol
  7. Improving brain function

Now, let’s look at turmeric. Another spice that is also well known for its health benefits. Some say it’s the most powerful, natural health aid we have, which therefore makes it a great addition to this tea.

Many of its health benefits work in tandem with ginger,  as a result makes ginger & turmeric the ultimate duo for your body.

Turmeric has many health benefits, for example:

  1. Anti-Inflammitory
  2. Increases the antioxidant capacity of your body
  3. Improves brain function
  4. Lowers risk of heart disease
  5. Treat depression symptoms
  6. Fight against age related illnesses (Alzheimers & Arthritis)

These 2 spices together make one great cup of tea.


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1 review for Herbal Ginger Turmeric Tea

  1. Annie Lam (verified owner)

    Thank you Vintage Fork for being so accommodating. You made this tea herbal so I can drink it all day. The tea has the heat and the spices that I love. This is my go to tea day in and day out.

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