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4 Reviews

Floral herbal that brews into a beautiful burgundy cup of tea.

Hibiscus petals

Tea From: Egypt

caffeine free

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4 reviews for Hibiscus Petals

  1. Doris Quinn (verified owner)

    I am drinking this tea iced as hibiscus is supposed to be good for hypertension. For it to be effective I need to drink 3 cups a day. I don’t have time to brew 3 cups a day, so I put 3 teaspoons in a diffuser and add water. Hibiscus on its own is not my favourite flavour, so I am adding strawberries, blueberries and experimenting with candied dried fruit for a bit of sweetness. The service for delivery is par none. Will be monitoring my BP for results. The rose petal tea sample I received was amazing. That will be a future order.

  2. Doris Quinn (verified owner)

    My review today is for the effectiveness of this tea for hypertension. I have severe hypertension. On 2 meds and it was still creeping up. After 1 week on there was a bit of a dip down but not much so I thought it to be ineffective and decreased the amount I was drinking. My BP went way up after a week on reduced amount so I went back to 3 tsps in water/day. My BP is now back under control without a change in meds. If you have mild hypertension, this tea might be enough for you. I am definitely continuing with daily use.

  3. Kari Mayer (verified owner)

    I like this – but it doesn’t work so well, for me, as a hot tea. BUT because of the tartness of this tea, and the gorgeous colour, I was encouraged to learn how to make a loose leaf iced tea and it was stunning. I’ve got the rest of my order in an airtight container so when the summer comes, I can indulge!

  4. Doris Quinn (verified owner)

    I have been drinking this tea for 16 months now. We were on a holiday in May for 17 days and I did not have my daily 3 cups of hibiscus tea (which I drink as a cold drink all day from a water bottle). When we got home, I checked my BP….146/88. After I was back on my tea for 3 days I was back to 118/78. I am also on meds, but they don’t fully control my BP. Add hibiscus tea (3 tsp in 3 cups of water, hot or cold) daily and you will be impressed. I gave my family physician a bag as his BP is starting to creep up. He is going to brew and monitor. He said he will recommend it to his hypertensive patients if it works for him.

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