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3 Reviews

An intensely smokey black tea

Black Tea

Tea From: China

caffeine: medium

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Lapsang Souchong is an intensely smokey black tea. When you open the bag, you’ll be immediately transported into the woods, sitting beside a gorgeous campfire roaring with crisp, dry, pine firewood.

Lapsang Souchong is an ancient tea that was first made during the early years of the Qing Dynasty in China (1642). It was discovered by accident (as was the sweet milk oolong tea). An army was passing through the village that the tea was being harvested in, which prevented the tea farmers from reaching their farms and processing facilities. Once the army passed and farmers were able to reach their facilities again, they didn’t have enough time to finish processing the tea leaves to get them to the market on time.

Necessity is the mother of invention, so the farmers lit open fires with pine wood to speed up the drying and roasting process of the tea leaves. Not only did the farmers get the tea to the market on time, they had invented a brand new tea flavour that was a sensation at the market. Customers flocked to the intensely smokey black tea.

Enjoy Lapsang Souchong on its own as a rich and full-bodied beverage, or use it to make creative cocktails. Its bold flavor make it a popular choice for tea aficionados.


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3 reviews for Lapsang Souchong

  1. Patrycja (verified owner)

    This is my absolute favourite tea and the Vintage Fork has the absolute smoothest, smokiest Lapsang Souchong of them all. I do like it with a splash of milk but it is equally nice without anything added.
    I will be back…

  2. lorienrm (verified owner)

    A wonderful change from the ordinary. Smokey and lively, reminds me of a mountain forest night. The smell is delightful, peaty campfire with sweet undertone from the pine. I plan to make it more rounded by adding spruce or pine sugar (place some new growth in the sugar or fake sugar for a month, use as normal sugar). Not a tea for blending, this tea is for the long and slow sips. Great apertif.

  3. muskensm

    Wonderful, comforting tea! It definitely makes me feel like I am sitting by a campfire in the wintertime. I just love the smokiness of the tea. And it’s great drink to have on its own! I just drink it black, with nothing added into it.

    Lovely tea. I will definitely drink this again!

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