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Cool, refreshing peppermint

Peppermint Leaves

Tea From: USA

caffeine free

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The best peppermint tea comes from peppermint grown in the northwestern United States. It was first planted in the Willamette Valley. The pure, moist mountain air in the spring and early summer growing season is what makes this peppermint so great.

It is generally harvested at the end of August. The smell is so strong that your eyes can literally water during the harvest.

Peppermint is a caffeine free herb, and is loved for its oils that are known to help digestion by stimulating bile to the stomach. That’s why peppermint is so common at dessert. Peppermint can also help relieve heartburn, stomach ache and nausea, including pregnancy related nausea.

Menthol is one of  the main components of peppermint, and it is an expectorant, which means that it helps clear congestion and coughs. That’s why peppermint is a common favourite for when you’re feeling under the weather.

Peppermint tea is a great choice after a meal. The peppermint oils will stimulate digestion, the menthol will help to freshen your breath.

Peppermint is also great for before bed. It is a caffeine free tea, and peppermint is also a muscle relaxant which can help you unwind, and get a better sleep.


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