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You’ll be impressed by our Empress Oolong. It’s refreshing & floral oolong tea with a creamy finish.

Oolong teas are gorgeously complex, and offer huge value (and are really fun to say!). The same leaves are meant to steeped multiple times, revealing slightly different flavours with each steep.

Oolong teas are steeped via pour-over: The first steep is 1 minute long and poured out. The second steep is 1 – 3 minutes long and is first (of many) infusions you drink from the leaves.

Ingredients: Oolong Tea, Green Tea, Amaranth, Cornflower, Calendula, & Sunflower Petals

Tea From: Sri Lanka | China | Albania | Egypt | Poland

Caffeine: low


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Empress oolong tea is beautifully complex tea, just as real empresses are usually complex people.

Here’s 8 steps that go into making our empress oolong:

1. Soft downy buds are plucked.
2. Plucked leaf is withered in the sun.
3. The leaf is cooled.
4. Tossed.
5. Withered. (This step turns the leaves slightly brown.)
6. Fixed. (The leaf is left to rest.)
7. Rolled. (In which the leaf receives its characteristic Ti Kuan Yin shape.)
8. The leaf is finally dried.

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