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This tea starts with a bitter oolong taste, and finishes with sweet orchid notes.

Oolong Tea

Tea From: China

caffeine: low


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Oolong tea is semi fermented, its fermentation lays between green tea and black tea. It has more body than green tea, and less body than black tea. Tea leaves destined to become oolong tea are wilted in the direct sun and then shaken in tubular bamboo baskets to bruise the leaf edges. Iron Goddess is at first bitter, then sweet and finishes with notes of floral orchid.

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1 review for Iron Goddess Oolong

  1. muskensm

    I tried this tea as a sample. It’s a lovely, beautiful tea! This is a classic oolong tea, perfect on its own or after a meal (with or without a dessert). The tea is light and refreshing, with beautiful floral notes that give me springtime vibes. I love this tea so much, and I would love to order it in a big bag next time.

    On a side note, you can steep it more than once. I steeped it three times, and the beautiful flavors still held up. Buy this tea; you will not regret it!

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