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Black tea, full of raspberry goodness.

Black tea, Blackberry Leaves, Rose Petals, Raspberry Pieces

Tea From: Sri Lanka | India | Kenya | Egypt | France

caffeine: medium

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9 reviews for Raspberry Delight

  1. Stephanie

    Great flavour! A fresh raspberry taste. Not strong tasting, very soothing. Relieves headaches & helps you relax before bed. Highly Recommend!

  2. Karin

    This is an amazing flavour, very delightful like it’s name. It’s very easy to use and makes a great morning tea to enjoy.

  3. Sami

    I really enjoyed this tea. It was busting with flavour, but not overpowering. All the flavours mingled together well.

  4. Lyna Johnston

    Absolutely loved this , loved the flavour and is very calming

  5. Brenda

    Lovely fragrance!
    Very delightful and yummy!

  6. Jennifer Parcero

    Love this! So aromatic and it makes you feel calm! It is mild and not too strong which is great for soothing.

  7. Shannon McNalley (verified owner)

    What a wonderful Black tea with so much flavor and aroma. I find it to be a perfect pick me up on a gray day or really any day that needs a boost of enjoyment. So happy to pass your website onto complete strangers because I do that! But I do know they will not be disappointed.

  8. Annie Lam

    Just finished trying this tea. It has the right blend of ingredients, aroma and taste. Very refreshing,.

  9. Charlotte Rollans

    Love this! It tastes just like fresh raspberries. The rose petals seem to bring out the tartness of the raspberry flavour, and add a lovely freshness to it. It tastes so much more like raspberries than any other raspberry flavoured tea I’ve tried.

    After a cup of this I found myself wishing I had some raspberries to eat because my brain kept remembering the taste of this tea and making me crave fresh raspberries. My brain was tricked into thinking that I had been eating raspberries!

    This is definitely the tea to try if you want some raspberry tea.

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