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Is it coffee? Is it tea? It’s both!

Black Tea, Cocoa Beans, Green Coffee Beans, Camomile, Ground Coffee

Tea From: China | India | Colombia | Egypt

caffeine: medium

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Coffee pu-erh, being a black tea and coffee blend may sound like it’s loaded full of caffeine. However, since the tea and coffee beans are mixed together, you end up with a nicely balanced drink. The amount of caffeine is about the same as cup of English Breakfast.

What exactly is pu-erh tea? It is a type of tea that comes from the province of Yunnan in China. It undergoes a specific fermentation process where the dry leaves themselves are fermented, unlike kombucha where the brewed tea is fermented. The dried & rolled tea leaves undergo a microbial fermentation process, which makes them darker and creates the pu-erh flavour. This fermentation process allows the coffee pu-erh tea to age like fine wine.

This tea also boasts Ethiopian coffee beans, which are  known for their deep, chocolatey flavour, which is combined with whole cocoa beans to round out the chocolatey notes of this tea.

This tea is completed with sprinkles of Egyptian chamomile leaves. Chamomile tea on its own brews a nice cup of herbal tea that is fruity and slightly bitter. Chamomile tea is well known to settle your stomach and your nerves.

If you love coffee, and you love tea, now you don’t have to choose between the 2.

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2 reviews for Coffee Pu-erh Tea

  1. Tanys Skidmore (verified owner)

    i love this blend. it gives me the wake up of coffee but without the jittery, hot flashy feeling . it’s easy on stomach also. I’ve been starting to drink this in the mornings instead of coffee and feel so much better for it!

  2. Sonja (verified owner)

    Was disappointed when my usual tea place discontinued their coffee pu-erh. Was so happy to find one at Vintage Fork! Despite the heat, I couldn’t help having a couple tea lattes with it! It is lovely! I might just have found my new tea place 🙂

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